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Not sure what to say? Check out these variations on commonly used words or phrases Ambassadors use to describe their Plexus® experiences! 

Use These Terms to Help You Share

Arthritis, Inflammation,

Hypothyroidism, Hypertension

"My body was a mess."

"I felt so bad!"

"I forgot what it was like to feel good."

"Ongoing health issues..."

"My Health was unstable."

"Just over all felt bad most of the time!"

"Low energy and tired..."
"Felt Uncomfortable..."

"Felt unhealthy..."

"Didn't feel good..."


"Didn't feel good."

"Had so much moodiness."

"Felt moody all the time."

"Lost my enthusiasm."

Chronic Fatigue

"Tired all the time."

"Lacked energy."

"Lost energy."

"Had little energy to do the things I loved."


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