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Giving Thanks, Saving Money, and Sharing Plexus

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

November 21, 2018

You’re Our Why!

Dear Plexus Ambassador,

Thank you for being part of the One Plexus® team! We are so grateful you have chosen to share your lives with us. There has been an abundance of product success stories this year, and it has really been a joy watching you work and grow your Plexus business! Whether it’s making connections, sharing your story, or encouraging a healthier lifestyle, we applaud you for being an inspiration to so many.

The Plexus family is the heart of our business and is built on the relationships you develop and the sense of community you create. We offer life-changing products, but it’s your journey as a Plexus Ambassador and the teams you build that set us apart from every other company. We all joined Plexus for our own reasons, but we all have the same goal in mind: To share Health and Happiness with as many folks as we can. Thank you for making this year a success!

Best wishes this holiday season from the Plexus Compliance Department!

Shipping’s On Us!

Thanksgiving is upon us and that means time off work, dinners, social gatherings, time with loved ones, and pumpkin spiced everything. More importantly, it means Black Friday deals are just around the corner and Plexus is offering some great promotions for you and your team to take advantage of!

If that’s not enough, you’re welcome to create specials of your own! (With some guidelines of course.) Please note, Ambassador specials are not sponsored by Plexus but are carried out by you, the Ambassador, so it is your responsibility to communicate to your prospect how you will fulfill their discount and/or ship any gift. Additionally, you should ensure Plexus is not running a similar incentive or promotion during the same time frame.

Be Their Why!

As a Plexus Ambassador, you are a walking, talking promotion for your Plexus business, so this holiday season be sure to show off those dashing results from your healthy choices. Talk about them! Share about them!

Plexus products offer a variety of amazing benefits, but it’s your success and your voice that inspires others to join in on your journey. You all have a story to tell, and we’ve created a tool to help you find that voice and to help you “Tell Your Story.

Remember, stories are meant to be shared! And this month, we’re encouraging our Ambassadors to “Sleigh the Season” during our 14 day Weight Loss Challenge. So, if you “love your results”, “have never felt better”, or “are feeling great while losing weight”, send your story to MyStory@plexusworldwide.com to be shared on the Ambassador Community Page.

If you would like more information on Plexus Promotions or need further assistance in crafting your success story, look no further than our friendly Compliance Team. They are committed to our Ambassadors and are a great resource to help you grow your business.

Email any questions to compliance@plexusworldwide.com and our team will get back to you with helpful tips and resources to ensure your Plexus promotions are ‘whey’ cool!

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