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Holiday Weight-Loss

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

November 29, 2018

The Leftovers

Let’s face it, we all struggle with our weight from time-to-time, and an ‘ideal body’ means something different from one person to another. Nevertheless, we all have an idea of what we’d like to weigh or how we’d like to look, and many of us have begun taking positive steps towards that vision. We’ve worked hard to be more mindful of our bodies and to develop healthy habits.

Unfortunately, this time of year presents many challenges in our weight-loss journey: we’ve got less time for ourselves, the kids are out of school, we’re less active, traveling’s a chore, sugary foods are everywhere, holiday meals are usually carb heavy, and family gatherings can be stressful. It’s important that we acknowledge how these may impact our progress and plan around them. There are so many things to enjoy during the holiday season and we should allow ourselves the opportunity to indulge a little!

We have to understand the pursuit of Health and Happiness is never ending and we may not necessarily lose weight during this time. It’s okay if we simply maintain what we’ve accomplished so far. Remember, it’s all about moderation, and if you avoid treating every day this season as a holiday, you’ll continue those positive progressions. The goal is to make it through the holiday season without taking too many steps back. Sticking to your Plexus® routine is a great way to help keep you focused on your goals! For more tips on having a healthy holiday, check out our Healthy Holiday Action Plan below.

Healthy Holiday Action Plan

Goal #1 – Control Holiday Food Intake

-Be careful with portions – it’s okay to try things in small dose

-Choose desserts wisely – pick a serving of 1 or 2 and savor them

-Dig in on the veggies and proteins!! – stuffing is delicious, turkey and green beans are nutritious

-Cheat meals not cheat days – enjoy holiday meals when they’re served and avoid picking at them later

-Stay hydrated – drink plenty of water

Goal #2 – Combat Holiday Inactivity

-Plan fun physical activities with family and friends – family yoga, anyone?!

-Encourage games that require being up and active – like charades and scavenger hunts

-Go for a walk after meals – weather permitting

Goal #3 – Reduce Holiday Travel Woes

-Remember, it’s going to be busy

-Give yourself plenty of time – this will help with any last minute changes

-Pack healthy snacks – airport and gas station foods are usually high in calories and low in nutrition

Goal #4 – Decrease Holiday Stress

-Avoid hot topic conversations

-Make sleep a priority – it’s hard to be bright and cheery when you’re tired

-Stay within budget – make a plan and stick to it

-It’s okay to say ‘No’ – try not to over-schedule yourself for holiday events

Share Your How!

Whether it’s business or weight-loss, consistency is the key to success. If your Plexus products have helped keep you on track, share it with us and with your team, and maybe your strategies will help others stay focused too! Or, if you’ve successfully lost weight during this time, share that as well. Be sure to let everyone know how you made this happen by including the details of your journey: how you ate, how you exercised, what Plexus products you used, how much weight you lost, etc.*

Perhaps you stuck to your healthy habits and lost weight by continuing with one of our Triplex Combos. Or, maybe VitalBiome™ helped reduce some feelings of holiday stress and anxiety to help improve your mood.  What if XFactor Plus gave you the boost to energy levels and metabolism necessary to help you make it through those holiday parties by supporting a healthy immune function. Whatever the case may be and whichever product or combination of products you used, we’d love to hear about it! Send your story to mystory@plexusworldwide.com to be shared with other Ambassadors on the Ambassador Community Page.*

Remember, Plexus offers a variety of dietary supplements including probiotics, vitamins, and weight-loss supplements,so we should try to avoid making any disease or drug claims when describing our Plexus experience.

If you have questions regarding Plexus product benefits or would like help in fashioning your story, let us know at compliance@plexusworldwide.com. You can also check out our Tell Your Story tool that will help you share your love for the products in a fun attractive way!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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