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Plexus Slim® Microbiome Activating is the delicious, power-packed health drink your body has been waiting for. Slim features a premium microbiome activating formula that contains ingredients clinically-demonstrated to improve gut health and promote weight loss. Feed your gut with beneficial probiotics, support a healthy glucose metabolism, and lose weight - with one great-tasting pink drink.◊*

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  • Clinically demonstrated to help you lose weight*

  • Promotes the growth of good gut microbes◊* 

  • Increases Lactobacillus by 365 times and Bifidobacterium by 290 times – contributes to overall health◊*

  • Increases the metabolism enhancing Akkermansia microbes by 250 times◊*

  • Supports healthy glucose metabolism*


Real health begins in your gut. The delicate balance of good and bad microbes in your gut (your “microbiome”) can affect everything from your mood, to your immune system, to your weight. 70% of your immune system cells are linked to your
gut and 90% of mood boosting serotonin is produced in your gut, where essential vitamins like B12, folate, and good microbes like Akkermansia—can thrive.

Unfortunately, your gut microbiome’s balance can be impaired by any number of factors—poor diet, high stress levels, artificial sweeteners, antibiotics, soda, processed foods, lack of exercise, or poor sleep habits (just to name a few).

This imbalance, referred to as dysbiosis, can cause problems that affect your daily life, like bloating, constipation, bad breath, and excess gas. No one wants to deal with that!

Slim Microbiome Activating is a premium health drink that promotes both gut health and weight loss. If you’re looking to be healthier, happier, and slimmer, then Slim is for you.*

Dysbiosis includes bad breath, bloating, gas, constipation, moodiness and anxiety. If these conditions go unnoticed things like digestive problems, skin conditions, and mood fluctuation
may occur.

Diet sodas can actually lead to weight gain, as they can trigger overeating and fat storing responses in the body.3


For optimal results use up to twice a day 30-60 minutes before a meal. Pour into your own 12-20 ounce bottle of water and shake.


  • Clinically-studied XOS prebiotic

  • Patent pending formula

  • Delicious raspberry, lemon, watermelon flavor

  • 5 Calories

  • No artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives

  • 30 single serve packets for on-the-go convenience

  • Gluten Free, 100% Vegetarian, Non-GMO

Slim Microbiome Activating is a patent pending health drink your body has been waiting for, with prebiotics to support microbiome health, exciting weight loss benefits and a refreshing raspberry, lemon, watermelon flavor.◊*

Slim can help your gut thrive. Packed with powerful ingredients, including the clinically demonstrated prebiotic Xylooligosaccharide (XOS), Slim increases beneficial microbes – increasing Lactobacillus by 365x and Bifidobacterium by 290x.◊*

Prebiotics like the ones contained in Slim, can increase good microbes after just a few days of daily use. These microbes can return to unbalanced levels within a week if you skip your daily dose of the prebiotics in Slim!◊*

Slim’s weight loss benefits are better than ever. Slim increases Akkermansia—a remarkable microbe, which positively impacts disrupted metabolism associated with being overweight—by 250 times. Slim also increases production of short-chain fatty acids, like butyrate (which regulates energy metabolism) and propionate (which may play an important role in appetite regulation).◊*

The chromium found in Slim also helps support a healthy glucose metabolism. Slim helps you lose weight, and the results are clinically demonstrated in a placebo-controlled study of 175 participants.*1

Slim helps feed your gut friendly microbes, so your microbiome can stay balanced, while also helping you lose weight safely and effectively.◊*


The Slim Microbiome Activating formula is designed to help your gut thrive. Slim has been tested in an
independent, highly advanced and scientifically validated in vitro study created to mimic the gastrointestinal system.
This study demonstrated Slim’s ability to help beneficial microbes flourish in the gut, improving overall health.◊*



  • Our clinically demonstrated prebiotic Xylooligosaccharide (XOS) works to feed the good gut microbes increasing Lactobacillus by
    365 times and Bifidobacterium by 290 times.◊*

  • Slim increases Akkermansia – an amazing microbe, which positively impacts disrupted metabolism associated with being overweight by
    250 times.◊*

  • Increases metabolism boosting short chain fatty acids – butyrate by up to 58% and propionate by up to 29%.◊*


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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What is Slim Microbiome Activating*?

Slim Microbiome Activating is the delicious way to promote overall health and lose weight. Slim supports healthy glucose metabolism and helps good microbes thrive which keeps your gut microbiome healthy.◊*

When is the best time to drink Slim?

If you want to lose weight, drink Slim 30 minutes before a meal. If you want to support your gut microbiome, enjoy Slim at any time of the day! Simply pour one packet of Slim into a glass of water or water bottle, mix, and enjoy!

How many Plexus Slims can I drink per day?

You can enjoy Slim up to two times a day.

How much water should I use with Plexus Slim?

Each packet of Slim can be mixed into 12-20 ounces of water.

Is there a clinical study on Plexus Slim for weight loss?

Yes! Plexus Slim has been scientifically demonstrated to promote weight loss. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized study of 175 subjects, Slim helped study participants lose over 5 pounds in 8 weeks.1*

Will I experience any side effects when I start drinking Slim Microbiome Activating*?

In certain people, supplementing with prebiotics could cause temporary gas and bloating. One way to avoid this is to ease into Slim. We recommend starting with 1/2 stick per day for the first week, 1 stick for the second week and up to 2 sticks per day after the second week. Of course you can do more or less depending on how your body reacts. Your gut microbes should adapt to prebiotic supplementation over time, which will help relieve any discomfort. For additional information, see the Product Use Recommendation Shareable (located in your Virtual Office on the Sharing Plexus tab under Tools).*

Do I need to keep taking Slim Microbiome Activating* to keep the microbiome benefits?

If you stop drinking Slim Microbiome Activating every day, the improvements in your gut can start to disappear in as little as a week. So it’s best to take Slim every day.◊*

Have we enhanced the quality of ingredients in Slim?

Absolutely. The ingredients in the new Slim were specifically qualified by our in-house Quality Assurance department using world-class quality standards. Each material is rigorously tested for purity and potency by Plexus Worldwide® before ever being selected for use. The difference in this hands-on approach and dedication to ingredient quality ensures that you can feel confident in the purity and potency of Slim’s ingredients.

What is a prebiotic? How does it work?

Your gut is full of microbes. Some of them are good; some of them are bad. Prebiotics are non-digestible fibers that make their way through our digestive system and help good microbes grow and flourish. Prebiotics are non-absorbable fibers like fructo-, xylo- and oligo-saccharides, and inulin, which can be found naturally occurring in whole grains, chicory root, onions, leeks, fruits and legumes. Prebiotics act as a fertilizer, selectively feeding good microbes in the gut and assisting in their growth. This leads to benefits for your overall well-being and health. Nearly everyone needs prebiotics to experience optimal health, particularly those who don’t get enough from their diet.◊*

What is the prebiotic in Slim Microbiome Activating* and how is it beneficial to me?

Xylooligosaccharides (XOS), Slim’s incredible prebiotic, is a fiber that friendly microbes love to eat. XOS has been clinically shown to improve intestinal microflora for enhanced health and well-being. In a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study conducted by researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), daily doses of XOS (as low as 1 gram) were found to significantly improve gut microbiota balance, promoting growth of more species of good gut microbes, while reducing bad microbes, thereby, promoting intestinal health.◊*

Can you tell me about the study that was done on Plexus Slim®?

We wanted to see what Slim can really do, so we put it through rigorous, testing procedures. In a highly advanced, in vitro study created to mimic the human gastrointestinal system, Slim’s powerful microbiome activating formula was tested, which produced astounding results.◊*
• Increases friendly microbes called Akkermansia – a remarkable microbe, which positively impacts disrupted metabolism associated with being overweight by 250 times.◊*
• Increases Lactobacillus by 365 times and Bifidobacterium by 290 times – microbes that contribute to your overall health.◊*
• Increases butyrate by up to 58% and propionate by up to 29% – Short-chain fatty acids that help regulate your metabolism.◊*

Should Slim be added to hot or cold water?

Slim is meant to be a refreshing drink, and its best added to cold water. We don’t recommend adding Slim to hot water, as hot water could affect the stability of Slim’s green coffee extract, making it less effective.

Can I take Plexus Slim with other Plexus® products?

Absolutely! Slim is the perfect complement to other Plexus products. The general guidelines below are for anyone who wants to simplify their supplement routine. These are just suggestions, and ultimately as everyone’s body is unique, you should do what works best for your body and lifestyle.

Is Slim Gluten Free, 100% Vegetarian, and Non-GMO?


Does Plexus Slim contain any allergens (Dairy, Egg, Peanut, Soy, Shellfish, Tree-Nut, and Wheat)?


What flavor is the Plexus Slim?

Plexus Slim is a delicious raspberry, lemonade, watermelon flavor.

Is it safe to drink Plexus Slim while pregnant or breastfeeding?

If pregnant or nursing, consult your physician prior to use.

Is Plexus Slim® safe?

Yes, Plexus Slim is safe to drink.

If I’m not trying to lose weight, will I still benefit from taking Slim Microbiome Activating*?

Absolutely! Slim is a delicious health drink with amazing microbiome benefits. Even if you are not looking to lose weight, Slim delivers prebiotics that promote the growth of good gut microbes and support a healthy glucose metabolism. You are drinking your way to a healthier and happier gut!◊*

Can Slim Microbiome Activating* and Slim Hunger Control* be used together?

Yes! For increased health benefits, combine Slim Hunger Control with Slim Microbiome Activating. Designed to work hand in hand, our Slim family helps you lose weight and supports a healthy glucose metabolism.*

What is the difference between Slim Microbiome Activating* and Slim Hunger Control*?

Slim Hunger Control is an expansion of the Slim family. Both options help you lose weight and support a healthy glucose metabolism, but they each use different fiber sources to give your body what it needs, when it needs it. Slim Microbiome Activating with XOS, a powerful prebiotic fiber, promotes the growth of good gut microbes, while Slim Hunger Control with polydextrose, a low-calorie soluble fiber, helps to keep you feeling full longer.◊*

Is there caffeine or any other stimulants in Slim?

The chlorogenic acid in Slim is extracted from green coffee bean, and it contains less than 2% natural caffeine, which is negligible.

What is the exact source with the XOS in Slim Microbiome Activating*?

The XOS in Slim Microbiome Activating* is derived from Non-GMO corn.

What is the fruit and vegetable concentrate for color in Slim Microbiome Activating*?

The fruit and vegetable concentrate in Slim Microbiome Activating* for color is the following:
Beetroot extract (Beta vulgaris)
Sweet potato concentrate (Ipomoea batatas L.)
Radish concentrate (Raphanus sativus)
Cherry concentrate (Prunus avium)
Apple concentrate (Malus domestica)

If I’m allergic to raspberry, lemon, and watermelon can I still drink Slim Microbiome Activating*?

Plexus uses flavors that are extracted from actual fruit. Typically, the proteins that could cause an allergic reaction would be removed during extraction. The possibility of an allergic reaction is very small; however, we recommend that if you have an allergy to any of these fruits, please consult your physician prior to use.

What are the natural flavors in Slim Microbiome Activating*?

The natural flavors in Slim Microbiome Activating* are raspberry, lemon, and watermelon.

Is the mulberry extract mixed with the raspberry, lemon, and watermelon to create the flavor profile?

Mulberry is used in Slim to help enhance the flavor.

Is Chromium safe?

Many human studies have demonstrated the safety of daily doses of up to 1,000 mcg of chromium and Slim has 200 mcg. Scientific authorities and professional associations, including Institute of Medicine (IOM) and National Research Council (US), and the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), have stated that the clinical trial data are sufficient to indicate safety for chromium supplements at levels of up to 1,000 mcg per day for healthy adults.

Is Akkermansia in Slim Microbiome Activating* or already in your gut?

Akkermansia is a beneficial bacterium that is already present in your gut. Slim’s Microbiome Activating formula with XOS helps feed good microbes and has been shown in a preliminary study to increase Akkermansia levels by up to 250 times.◊*

Is there a corn derived ingredient in Slim Microbiome Activating*?

XOS is derived from Non-GMO corn. If you’re allergic to corn, please consult your physician prior to use.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Xylooligosaccharides (XOS) (Naturally derived):

XOS is a prebiotic fiber that feeds good bacteria. XOS is derived from a Non-GMO corn-derived form of oligosaccharide called Xylooligosacchaide. In a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study, researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) found that daily doses of XOS as low as 1 gram strongly fosters the growth of bifidobacteria and other good gut microbes, while helping reduce bad bacteria in healthy people. XOS is effective in promoting the intestinal health and is found in Slim Microbiome Activating.◊*

Green coffee bean extract (Natural):

Green coffee bean extract is derived from coffee that has not yet been roasted. Green coffee beans have a higher level of Chlorogenic acid compared to regular, roasted coffee beans. Chlorogenic acid is a phytochemical that acts as an alpha-glucosidase inhibitor. That means that Chlorogenic acid can help maintain healthy blood glucose already in the normal range. Chlorogenic acid may also induce body fat loss via increasing body heat produced. Plexus Slim uses a Non-GMO green coffee bean extract standardized to 50% Chlorogenic acid and less than 2% of natural caffeine.*

Garcinia Cambogia (Garcinia Cambogia Desr) fruit extract (Natural):

Garcinia Cambogia is a citrus fruit tree that grows in Southeast Asia. Plexus uses a standardized extract from the fruit rind that contains a phytonutrient called hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is bioactive compound. Plexus Slim uses a Non-GMO Garcinia Cambogia extract.

Chromium polynicotinate (Scientifically formulated):

Chromium polynicotinate is a combination of chromium and niacin. This form of chromium has been found to be a more bioavailable source. Chromium is an essential trace mineral that supports energy and healthy glucose metabolism. Chromium polynicotinate also helps facilitate glucose transport into cells.*

Citric acid (Naturally derived):

Citric acid can be found naturally in citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges. It is used to enhance the flavor of foods and beverages. Plexus citric acid is Non-GMO.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) (Scientifically formulated):

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a fatty acid, found naturally inside every cell in the body. ALA is a potent antioxidant and helps recycle other antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E and glutathione. Alpha Lipoic Acid is found in Plexus Slim and Plexus Nerve.*

Silicon dioxide (Scientifically formulated):

Silica is one of the most abundant minerals on earth. In Plexus Slim, the form used is a food grade Silica that is ultra-pure and free of contaminates and helps powders mix more easily.

White Mulberry (Morus Alba) fruit extract (Natural):

White mulberry fruit has a long history of medicinal use in China and Europe, and contains health promoting phytonutrients. White mulberry extract is considered a superfood and a potent antioxidant. Plexus uses Non-GMO version of White Mulberry which is found in Plexus Slim.*

Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) leaf extract (Natural):

Stevia is a perennial herb native to South America that has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb and a natural sweetener. The extract is prepared from the sweet-tasting leaves, and is standardized to 99% Rebaudioside A. The extract is then purified by filtration and crystallized into a compound that is typically 200 times sweeter than table sugar, and has zero-calories. Plexus uses a 100% pure, Non-GMO Stevia rebaudiana.

Beet (Beta vulgaris) root extract (Natural):

Beet root is the red or purple root vegetable known as the beetroot or garden beet. Plexus uses Non-GMO beet root which provides natural color in Plexus Slim.

Cellulose gum (Naturally derived):

Cellulose gum comes from natural cellulose obtained from wood pulp and cotton fibers. A natural, Non-GMO version of cellulose is modified to form a gum that helps give a well-rounded mouth feel in Plexus Slim.


Our number one priority of Plexus® is to use natural, non-GMO ingredients in our products whenever possible. Ingredients in this category are primarily obtained directly from a natural source, or they may be obtained through simple chemical reactions like fermentation. Such reactions do not significantly alter the chemical structure of the original natural ingredient. For example, probiotics often utilize fermentation during the manufacturing process. Ingredients like this are categorized as natural.


Although an ingredient may be found in nature, it may not occur in a concentration that is high enough for our high potency formulations. Fortunately, such ingredients can often be derived from natural sources through a series of chemical processes including many of those described for natural ingredients. Naturally derived also includes ingredients originating from natural sources which undergo significant modifications so that their final form is structurally and functionally different from the starting material. Although properties of such ingredients have been changed, they are extensively tested for safety and efficacy. This subcategory of “naturally sourced” ingredients like cellulose which is a natural plant fiber, originating from wood pulp. In this case, it is custom tailored by a series of chemical modifications so that it takes on different properties that make it functionally advantageous to certain products.


Sometimes, a sufficiently concentrated source of an ingredient cannot be found in nature, nor can it be derived from natural sources. In these instances, advances in nutritional technology allow us to use highly bioavailable ingredients formulated from biochemical building blocks. Whenever we use these types of ingredients, they are tested thoroughly to ensure bioavailability, purity, and potency.



1 Participants in an independent, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, human clinical study, who used one pack of Slim twice a day lost an average of 5.45 pounds in 8 weeks,

3 worse-you-other-308063